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Our Mission

To provide quality education for children aged 3.5 years until graduation, based on the National Curriculum of England, and with high regard for the aims, ambitions and aspirations of the Arab Republic of Egypt. GES Cairo is intended to be a beacon for world class education, harmonising deep respect for the British curriculum framework, with resources, approaches to learning and cultural affiliation to the traditions of this choice, with a genuine pride in our local context and the heritage of our students and staff.

Rigorous standards in teaching and learning are the foundations upon which GES Cairo has been established. We aim for all students to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment which nurtures each as an individual and all as a community who will positively shape the future of Egypt and beyond. We celebrate success which comes from hard work and tenacity. Alongside achieving impressive learning outcomes, we want all students to feel a strong sense of belonging, self-worth and ambition. We want every GES Cairo learner to find happiness at school, and in their learning, whilst showing a deep respect for themselves and each other.

GES Cairo students will graduate with ample experience, knowledge, empathy and skills to thrive at university and beyond. They will have accessed curricular and extra-curricular opportunities which promote thinking, independence and engagement; they will be equipped to make a positive difference on a personal, familial, national and global scale. They will be able to articulate their thoughts with confidence in ,both language, English and Arabic..

Our Vision

We strive to teach a child, educate a community and empower generations.

What do you want every student to experience every day at GES?...

Grow. Engage. Succeed.

Student Profile

GES Cairo is keen on ensuring that its graduates are fully prepared to contribute to society by showing:

Competence in effectively using the skills that they have mastered to be positive, proficient and responsible contributors to society.

Cooperation in working collaboratively and supporting initiatives within school boundaries as well as the wider community.

Compassion and having a concerned, pleasant, cheerful and empathetic understanding of diverse humanitarian situations.

Civility , courtesy, politeness, good manners and respect to all community members.

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