GES Cairo Breaking News

GES Cairo Year 2 students are taking over the air waves with the news! Let's see the audience feedback : if it proves to be popular, we can make it a weekly bulletin and expand it school wide. Let us know your thoughts 😊

GES Cairo has a brand new pitch

Ladies and Gentlemen... GES Cairo has a brand new pitch!!! Thank you for your patience and understanding these past few weeks. We are sure you will agree it was worth the wait and the effort. May our Eagles soar on their new playground and home turf!

Al-Ahram print house Trip

Year 4 went on a special trip to the historical Al-Ahram print house. The visit was especially significant as it linked perfectly with their current English objective: writing news articles.

Year 6 students investigated how to separate colours

Year 6 students investigated how to separate colours using chromatography in the laboratory. They also enjoyed presenting their English projects about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. They shared their knowledge with confidence and creativity.

Fagnoun Art Centre Trip

Year Two had a wonderful time at the Fagnoun Art Centre. They fed goats, baked bread, beaded and painted their own bags and cushions!

Ganache Trip

Year Three Oompa Loompas got down to work today at the Ganache chocolate factory. They learned how chocolate is made, and applied their knowledge of the process, creativity and originality to create their own chocolates.

Secondary Science Fairs

The Secondary Science Fairs were the highlight of Key Stage Three this week. Pupils presented the projects they have long been researching to visiting parents and judges who were duly impressed by the thoroughness, attention to detail and eloquent presentation skills.

Year 6 used Audacity to record an audio

Year 6 used Audacity to record an audio file that they will add to their PowerPoint. They will share these presentations to their peers in class

Year 2 Yellow Investigating Capacity

Year 2 Yellow had a blast investigating capacity using measuring beakers during their Maths class. After recording measures of various liquids, they were given instructions to create their own fruit juice using different flavours.

3D shapes

In Mathematics, Year 4 have been investigating different nets to create 3D shapes.

Different Habitats

Year 1 have been learning about different habitats and which animals live in them. Here are Year 1 Blue making their desert model.

Science Researching

Science is always more interesting when you learn it hands-on! GES Cairo Secondary pupils have been researching and experimenting different topics like electricity, plants, digestive and respiratory systems and the effect of exercise on the heart rate ❤

Y7 Recreating Monet Landscape masterpieces

Y7 Recreating Monet Landscape masterpieces using Acrylic colours and Y10 are working on their knowledge of colour scheme and value in Art class and applying that on their landscape sketches


Year 4 students worked in groups to discover how to make closed circuits in Science as part of their unit about electricity.

Year 3 Red performed surgery

Year 3 Red performed surgery to contract words using apostrophes !!!

Learning language

Learning language is different when you introduce it through activities . Year 7 pupils enjoyed learning the different types of clothes and colours using puzzles during their French class today.

Communicating Activities

During Global Perspectives Day, Year 5 students learned about making friends and resolving conflicts. This was achieved by communicating through engaging activities and analysing real life scenarios

'Aladdin' Musical Performance

GES Cairo Secondary pupils rocked MES Cairo's Theatre with their 'Aladdin' musical performance! The audience sounded their appreciation quite audibly for the performers, chorus, and behind the scenes participants. Bravo to all 👏👏!

FS1 Kidzoo Farm

FS1 greatly enjoyed their visit to Kidzoo Farm. Under the warm winter sun, they baked bread, made soap, took donkey cart rides and fed and interacted with the beautiful farm animals. It was a memorable learning experience.

FS2 Study on Space

To complement their study on space, our FS2 explorers had a blast today on their trip to Space Zone. They found out more about space, gravity and had a chance to explore a model rocket. They also visited The Water Zone where they engaged in several experiments. It was a very enjoyable informative day.

Gulf Eagles vs. MES Cougars

Gulf Eagles vs. MES Cougars: two U14 football matches on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd. Matches were friendly and tremendous fun. Well Done to both teams 👏

Year 2 Collaborative work with Technology.

Year 2 have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes in Maths making models and using geoboards while Year 6 Yellow wowed the judges with their creative and original Scratch animations, complete with speech bubbles, scene changes and character movement. A great example of collaborative work with technology.

Reflective Masterpieces

We took symmetry to a whole new level! Our tiny architects created reflective masterpieces

Shadows Outdoors

Year 2 Yellow had a fabulous time in their Science class today learning about shadows outdoors. They used chalk to draw a silhouette of their own bodies.

Kuala Lumpur trip

This morning GES Cairo pupils had an early start and headed to Skytrex Adventure Park. Although everyone was extremely sleepy during the bus ride there, all yawns evaporated once they started to 'learn the ropes'. The Double Dare adventure was both tiring and absolutely invigorating. You could hear the cheering and the laughter miles away. We are extremely proud of Jana Q, Lama and Hamza for conquering their fear of heights and completing all 43 high ropes and zip lines without a fret (well maybe just a few). One final picture before we say 'Goodnight'!

Keep Egypt Warm campaign

Contributions donated by the GES Cairo family during our Keep Egypt Warm campaign were the main ingredients in the hot meals prepared for the students at Kafr El Elw school in Helwan. Following their hearty lunch, the young learners sat through an awareness session given by EFB team.

The Seasonal Concert

The Seasonal Concert was brim full of warmth and festive spirit. Our tuneful choirs made up of students from every year group and our staff created a wonderful family atmosphere, bringing a perfect end to Term 1 and the best of starts to a well earned winter break. Santa Claus himself delivered cookies to every student at GES today, adding to the festive mood.

'Keep Egypt Warm' campaign

GES Cairo pupils worked tirelessly to sort and pack donated clothes and food items for the Egyptian Clothes Bank and the Egyptian Food Bank as part of our 'Keep Egypt War' campaign. May their efforts and yours bring joy and happiness 💜

Grown Up Me

"Grown Up Me" was such a successful event for all. Our pupils dressed in their chosen costumes and learnt a great deal about various professions. We truly appreciate our parents guest speakers who made the experience richer by explaining what some of those jobs entail.

Khedive Cairo Trip

Year 6 enjoyed a historical sightseeing trip to Khedive Cairo where they had the chance to explore Abdeen Palace, Manial Palace and the Nilometre.

Year 10 pupils

As it is never too early to start preparing for the future, Year 10 pupils attended last week an informative session delivered by Ms Samar Hisham about business etiquette. It was the first of three planned to introduce them to the skill of Curriculum Vitae writing, exploring interview skills, identifying appropriate dress code and demonstrating effective self introduction.

FS2 pupils

FS2 pupils had a splendid time during their trip to Sitara theatre today. 'Repunzel' was the theme of the workshop followed by a live performance. The day was full of creativity, self expression and literacy!!

FS1 experienced acting

FS1 experienced acting, trying out costumes, face painting and recording their very own sound tracks. They rocked the stage at Kawalees today!

Key Stage 2 Book Day

GES welcomed an eclectic mix of characters eager to participate in the Key Stage 2 Book Day this morning. The teachers of each year group prepared all kinds of fun activities to promote reading. Their students participated in 'Drop Everything and Read' every hour, role played their characters, presented their favourite books and much more throughout the day. Guest storytellers shared their favourite stories and poems in the library and Year 3 Oumpa Lumpas performed for their siblings. Fun times!

El Moez Street Trip

Year 8 pupils have been roaming El Moez street all day long today looking for clues to help them win their treasure hunt. Although it was the Green team that won the game, everyone went home with bundles of knowledge, loads of fun and an eagerness to further learn and research about our heritage.

Parents Meeting

It was such a pleasure to meet our parents last Saturday to discuss their children's progress since the beginning of this academic year. It was a great opportunity to share our pride in all their efforts and achievements so far and set targets for the future.

Year 8 Survival Camp

Year 8 pupils still had loads of energy and enthusiastically participated in the over night survival camp *last weekend*. They had a fun-packed weekend learning some vital first aid techniques and survival tricks all while practicing their team working and problem solving skills.

Arabic Day

حتفالا بيوم اللغة العربية قدم طلابنا عرضا عن تطور اللغة عبر العصور، مستخدمين مثالا واضحا ملموسا من كل فترة زمنية مرت بها لغتنا حتى صورتها وألفاظها الحالية على لسان شعراء الفصحى والعامية.
Arabic Language Day at GES Cairo. The students, staff and parents celebrated with song and poetry. We celebrated food, music and family, in all its forms, rooting us in our history and heritage.

House Heats Sports Day

Fierce competition took place today among Secondary Houses during their House Heats Pupils and teachers alike took to the fields and demonstrated great athletic abilities and sportsmanship

The Religious Complex

Year 5 students loved their visit to the religious complex. As an experience, it was both surreal and majestic for all.

Pink Day

GES Cairo family would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to all those who participated in making our annual Pink Day such resounding success. The proceeds will be contributed on all your behalf to the Breast Cancer Foundation Egypt (BCFE) who will use the funds to provide services to those who would otherwise be unable to access or afford the necessary check-ups. Well Done to all

Science and Technology Museum Trip

Year 4 students spent the day exploring the Science and Technology Museum. They learnt about historical, geographical, and environmental ancient and modern Egypt.

Pyramids Trip

Year 3 enjoyed a day exploring the Great Pyramids at Giza. We are all so very blessed and privileged to have the most incredible symbols of ancient civilisation at our doorstep!

Agwani farm Trip

Year 1 participated in a fun packed day at Agwani farm today. They enjoyed close encounters with the farm animals and many colourful art activities.

Pharaonic Village Trip

As part of their experiential learning experience Year 2 spent the day at Pharaonic Village today. They learnt about Ancient Egyptian life through hands-on activities beside the Nile.

Pink Day

Pink Day was a resounding success and a whole lot of Pink fun!!! Parents, students, teachers and staff were all involved and together raised a significant amount for the Breast Cancer Foundation Egypt (BCFE). A wonderful day filled with love, service and compassion 💕

Year 2 Red's Assembly

Year 2 Red's assembly about the continents and their cultures today was as informative as it was impressive

Sports Day

Year 3 and 4 competed in their Sports Day with the support and participation of their Mums and Dads. A special thanks to our Year 10 students who volunteered their time and effort. Year 5 and 6 students rose to the various challenges organised for their Sports Day today. Another impressive turnout by our loyal and athletic Mums and Dads contributed to a very happy and supportive atmosphere. Bravo to Thoth for winning today and to Ra, the overall winners of this year's Primary Sports Week!

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

A fabulous time was had by all in our Key Stage 1 Sports Day. There was a very strong sense of community and family as students and parents threw themselves enthusiastically into each station. Bravo Ra for first place in this round!

The Gulf Eagles Strike Again!

In the boys' swimming competition organised by the International Schools Sports Organization of Cairo (ISSOC), our Year 9 pupil; Ahmed Wael won 3 gold medals for the U16 100m breaststroke, backstroke as well as the freestyle meets. In the U18 meets, our champ scored 2nd place in the 100m backstroke and freestyle and 3rd place in the breaststroke races. Ahmed's classmate; Ali El Touny came in 3rd place in the U14 50m breaststroke meet. Adam Mohamed won 1st place in the 50m freestyle and 2nd place for the 50m backstroke for under 12s and Omar Mohamed Reda Y6R earned 5th place for the 50m freestyle for under 12s. Eagle Pride!

FS Planting Day

Foundation Stage pupils planted in their own little plots in the school yard. They promised to care for their plants over the upcoming months. They were extremely proud and excited to handle those plants carefully and lovingly and call them their own.

Go Gulf Eagles!!

Our U14 and U16 Gulf Eagles did us proud in the swimming competition organised by the International Schools Sports Organization of Cairo (ISSOC) today. Go Gulf Eagles!!

FS2 Blue Fathers' Breakfast

This morning's sun shone brighter for FS2 Blue pupils. They had a great time preparing breakfast together with their fathers served with a healthy amount of love and pride.

Year 10 Community Service

As part of their community service, Year 10 pupils listened to their younger colleagues in Year 4 read during their Library session this morning under the guidance of Ms Samar Hisham.

Y10 Survival Camp

After a hectic school week, Year 10 pupils still had lots of energy to start off their two day survival camp. With a friend to lean on every step of the way, the campers learned that the first thing you need to survive is to trust their teammates.

GES Reading Assessment

GES Cairo's reading assessment team have evaluated almost 400 Primary students to ensure they are all placed appropriately on the Big Cat book reading scheme. This will then start them on their personal reading journey this academic year.

Year 1 Assembly

Winnie the Witch visited Year 1 today during their assembly to remind them all just how important manners are and to read them a story.

First Day of School

First day of the 2019/2020 academic year at GES Cairo was today! It was a wonderful day filled with surprises as students explored their new school classes. Welcome back our students. To our newly enrolled students, welcome to the GES Cairo family.

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