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We follow the Cambridge International Curriculum in all subjects. In Key Stage Three , we acquire the balance between academic achievement and character building in this crucial stage in the path of any learner. Life skills acquisition is a common learning outcome across subjects to ensure preparing learners for real life challenges.

Looking at the school calendar, there are many events and occasions where pupils can put their learning in action. Spelling Bees, both in English and French, Arabic Day and Global Perspectives (GP) Day. This is in addition to other opportunities where pupils can discover or enhance talents: Art Exhibition, Seasonal Concert and Performances. Believing in the importance of recognition, we attempt to recognise pupils' academic performance and also character traits during monthly assemblies that do not only tackle a topic of importance to pupils, but also act as a celebration of success. Similarly we give equal attention to assessments, whether formative or summative, to prepare lower Secondary pupils for external examinations in the Secondary stage to which Year 9 acts as a trial. Pupils learn all Cambridge Core subjects: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in addition to the Ministry of Education subjects: Arabic, Religion and Social Studies. Thus providing a smooth transition to Year 10.

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