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At GES Cairo, our curriculum is broad, allowing every pupil to pursue their interests, but balanced to ensure that we prioritise what they need to access the next level of their education pathway

Pupils study eight IGCSE subjects they chose towards the end of Year 9. Compulsory subjects in Year 10 are English, Mathematics and Chemistry along with two free options from a list provided during the one-to-one sessions held during the advising period. In Year 11 most pupils fulfil their individualised remaining university admission requirements. Pupils who plan to finish their university admission requirements over a 3-year period and continue on at school after Year 11 are Foundation Year Pupils who, in most cases, aspire to join universities abroad requiring a higher number of A Level subjects. This year helps pupils meet admission requirements as well as provides them with more time to explore various academic options to make a more informed decision about their futures

Throughout their Key Stage 4 years, pupils also have weekly PE, Art, Music and Drama lessons and Arabic, Religion and Social Studies classes to cover the national curricula required by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.Although pupils must be prepared for an increased workload in Key Stage 4 and some additional pressure from controlled assessments in all subjects, they should also look forward to an exciting programme of activities specific to them. Starting Year 10, pupils are encouraged to sign up for Community Service and Internship opportunities designed to hone their personalities and enhance the skill sets they need for their future years.

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